4-Week Core Challenge

4-Week Core Challenge

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4-Week Core Challenge

Level: Intermediate | Advanced

Time: 7-25 Minutes

This series should be started at the beginning of the week on a Monday. It is a perfect challenge for seasoned practitioners or Intermediate | Advanced levels.

CALENDAR: You will find your 4-week calendar under each week with the assigned videos for that week. Notice each week is a category and you will want to go to the specific week to view your videos. You can click the titles of all the workouts, and it will take you directly to the video.

TIP: Download and print your calendar so you can have it handy whenever you need it.

WORKOUTS: All the workouts are marked under specific levels but cues are offered in each routine so you can modify, regressing or progressing according to your level.

EQUIPMENT: For this program you will need the following list of equipment.

*For direct link to suggested brands for each piece of equipment, go to https://www.digital.vbmethod.com/welcome-information

•BENDER BALL(substitute: for throw pillow folded in half)

•3-5 LBS DUMBBELLS(substitute: 2 bottles of water)

•GLIDERS(substitute: paper plates for rug or small towels for hard flooring)

If you have any questions about any of the moves or the program, reach out directly via IG @vbfitlifestyle or email me at [email protected]

Don't forget to tag @vbfitlifestyle on IG so we can see you killing it!

Go get them abs!

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4-Week Core Challenge