8 Week Strength & Definition Program

8 Week Strength & Definition Program

2 Seasons

8-Week Strength and Definition Program 

Level: Intermediate | Advanced

Time: 25-52 Minutes

This program combines pilates, traditional strength with weights, and cardiovascular work for increased results and balance.

This program is full body and core focused so you can tone and strengthen your entire body while working from a strong and balanced center. Each routine is under 1 hour so you can fit these into your busy schedule while still getting the most efficient and wholesome workout.

See Below for Program Details:

CALENDAR: Below you can find your weekly calendar with the assigned videos for the specified weeks (Weeks 1-4 and Weeks 5-8). You should be able to save this or print it if you'd like to keep it handy.

Note: There are 2 different calendars for each set of weeks.

You will follow the same calendar for the first 4 weeks then a different calendar for weeks 5-8.

Notice the weeks are available as categories and you will want to go to the specific weeks to view your videos. You can click the titles of all the workouts, and it will take you directly to the video.

WORKOUTS: All the workouts are marked under specific levels but cues are offered in each routine so you can modify, regressing or progressing according to your level.

EQUIPMENT: For this program you will need the following list of equipment.

*For direct link to suggested brands for each of piece of equipment, go to https://www.digital.vbmethod.com/welcome-information

•BENDER BALL(substitute: for throw pillow folded in half)

•RESISTANCE BAND/HIP BOOTY BAND(substitute: theraband wrapped around or simply skip)

•3-10 LBS DUMBBELLS(substitute: 2 bottles of water)

•ANKLE WEIGHTS(skip if you don’t have)

•ANKLE BAND(substitute: ankle weights or skip)

•GLIDERS(substitute: paper plates for rug or small towels for hard flooring)

•THERABAND(any long resistance band that stretches)

•LATEX RESISTANCE BAND (substitute: theraband wrapped around or simply skip)

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8 Week Strength & Definition Program