14-Day Abs + Booty Burn

14-Day Abs + Booty Burn

14-Day Abs + Booty Challenge 

Level: Intermediate | Advanced

Time: 18-25 Minutes

This challenge is perfect for anyone with a busy schedule as all workouts are between 18-25 minutes.

You can expect to strengthen while improving muscle tone and balance. Each workout will focus on different parts of your abs and glutes without over working the same area multiple days in a row.

See Below for Program Details:

CALENDAR: Below you can find your 14-day calendar with the assigned videos for the specified weeks (Weeks 1-2). You should be able to save this or print it if you'd like to keep it handy.

WORKOUTS: You can click the titles of all the workouts, and it will take you directly to the video. All the workouts are marked under specific levels but cues are offered in each routine so you can modify, regressing or progressing according to your level.

EQUIPMENT: For this challenge you will need the following list of equipment.

*For direct link to suggested brands for each piece of equipment, go to https://www.digital.vbmethod.com/welcome-information.

* ANKLE BAND(substitute: resistance band/hip booty band, ankle weights, or skip)

Progressing the workouts: Make sure to use an ankle band or hip booty resistance band.

Regressing the workouts: Use light ankle weights or no equipment at all.

Days off: You will notice you will have days off throughout the challenge. Allowing time for rest and recovery will be important in order to achieve results and keep our bodies from injury. You always have the option of taking extra days off if you feel your body needs more time to recover.

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14-Day Abs + Booty Burn