Full Body Program for Busy Schedules

Full Body Program for Busy Schedules

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4-Week Full Body Program for Busy Schedules

This is the perfect program for practitioners with a busy schedule who want to move efficiently and make the best out of their time.

Level: This program includes 2 different versions

•Version 1: Beginner | Intermediate Level (no jumping/high impact)- this version consists of mat flows with no cardio or weight lifting. We use other equipment such as bands, ankle weights, pilates ball, and your own body weight to challenge your muscles.

•Version 2: Intermediate | Advanced Level (includes cardio & weights)- this version is ideal for practitioners who like mixing things up and enjoy a variety of pilates mat flows, cardio, and weights.

***If you prefer more challenging routines and enjoy pilates & weights but no cardio, you can follow the intermediate | advanced version and swap the 2 cardio based workouts for any other routine of your choice from the VB METHOD library. You can even do any of the unique routines from the beginner | intermediate version.

Time: Under 35 Minutes

Each routine is under 35 minutes so you can fit these into your busy schedule while still getting the most efficient and complete workout.

Program Benefits:

*increase muscular strength and endurance
*improve muscular balance
*tone and sculpt
*improve cardiovascular endurance and stamina
*strengthen your mind-body connection
*improve posture

WORKOUTS: All the workouts are marked under specific levels but cues are offered in each routine so you can modify, regressing or progressing according to your level.


You can do all of the workouts with minimal equipment or using your own body weight but for best results, we recommend the following list of equipment:

•3-15lbs Dumbbells

•Resistance Band

•Ankle Band

•Pilates Bender Ball

•Ankle Weights

SHOP EQUIPMENT HERE- https://vbmethod.com/vbfitmethod-shop/

For questions and inquiries reach out directly via IG @vbfitlifestyle or email us at [email protected]

Let's do this! 💪🏼

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Full Body Program for Busy Schedules
  • Beginner | Intermediate Calendar.jpg

    1.86 MB

  • Full Body Mat Flow 2.0

    Episode 1

    Level: Intermediate | Time: 36 minutes | Props: Pilates Bender, Ankle Band(for advanced) and Ankle Weights(for beginner/intermediate level)

  • Back Thigh Burn

    Episode 2

    Level: Intermediate | Time: 18 minutes

  • Low Ab Burn

    Episode 3

    Level: Intermediate | Time: 12 minutes

  • 30 Minute Sculpting Mat Flow

    Episode 4

    Level: Intermediate | Time: 31 minutes | Props: Pilates Bender Ball, Resistance Band, 3-5lbs Dumbbells, Light Ankle Weights

  • Lengthening Mat Flow 3.0

    Episode 5

    Level: Beginner | Intermediate | Time: 32 minutes | Props: 3-5lbs Dumbbells, Resistance Band, Pilates Bender Ball

  • Sculpting Mat Flow 4.0

    Episode 6

    Level: Intermediate | Time: 34 minutes | Props: 3-10lbs Dumbbells, Pilates Ball, Ankle Weights

  • Side Glutes + Thighs

    Episode 7

    Level: Beginner | Intermediate | Time: 23 minutes | Props: Bender Ball or Small Pillow, Resistance Band

    In this workout we use a bender ball(or throw pillow) to give our head support while in a side line position. This is a great option for anyone who experiences neck or shoulder discomfort whil...